Trying to Show Interest…

As the dumbest year marches on, we’re hoping for sports.  What the Bucks and Brewers are doing is not sport…its practice, summer league, spring training, etc., but it’s not sports that we like.  However, with sports trying (or making it seem like they are) to get going, let’s dive in.

Bucks—they stumbled in & out of the “Re-Start.”  Milwaukee finished 3-5 and dropped the 1st game of the “playoffs” to the lowly Orlando Magic, who were missing multiple starters.  Even if the Bucks pull it together and win the Larry O’Brien trophy, it won’t count, at least not to me.  Without any fans, and a home-court advantage, this just continues to spit in the face of common sense…

Brewers—similar to the Bucks, the Brewers had their season postponed and, so far, have gotten out to a rough start (vs. expectations).  Again, with this season so jacked up, it’s tough to keep the Brewers’ goals in-line.  However, through 23 games, the Brewers are 11-12.  All the Brewers have to do to reach the Covid-postseason is finish in the top 2 of the NL Central.  As of right now, .500 seems to get the job done.  St. Louis has the right idea of getting their whole roster this extremely non-lethal virus so A. they don’t have to play and can keep teams like Milwaukee chasing them and B. those players who tested positive will have 1 less potential reason for absence come crunch time.  All in all, chalk this up to a non-official season/champion like the NBA and hope people calm the hell down over this non-lethal virus.

On to more important things, like football.  The NFL was handling everything great, until it didn’t.  This is how difficult it is these days to keep politics out of sports…anyway, let’s try! (I hate that word).

Packers—Green Bay opens camp in a solid spot, overall.  If things were normal, would the Packers have a realistic shot at winning the Super Bowl?  Not really.  It’s been proven in order to win, the Packers need a top 2 scoring defense, and while the defense took major strides and improved up to 9th in scoring last year, they’re still a ways away from being a top-tier defense (think San Francisco or Baltimore).  However, in the grand scheme, Green Bay is in a solid spot moving forward.  There’s quite a bit of talent, young talent, spread across the roster.  Kenny Clark (#97) just signed a huge extension, 4 years / $70 Million.  Compared to Chris Jones (DT- Chiefs: 4 years; $85 Million) that’s a steal!  Clark is arguably the 2nd best Defensive Tackle in the NFL (2nd to Aaron Donald).

Aside from the Clark extension, the Packers have a shot to contend for another bye in the postseas….oh wait, that’s right.  The best playoff format in pro sports was just F**ked up, because.  So now the only BYE will be earned by the 1 seed, thus having the 2 seed play on Wild Card/Opening weekend.  As a great friend of mine refers to that weekend as “Scrub weekend.”  Now the 1 seed is that much more important where you’re playing one less game AND have both playoff games at home.  This year it may only make a difference for how many games as the NFL will likely cower to fear and bubble-up or something, but either way, the Packers’ goal should be to attain the 1 seed.  13-3 may do the trick again, but that took damn near 100% health last year – outside from Adams missing 4 games (Green Bay did go 4-0 without Adams…)

Predictions will come later as, obviously, a lot can change with both the team, league, and world for that matter.  However, the ones everyone is keeping an eye on are the first 2 draft picks: QB Jordan Love #10; HB A.J. Dillon #28.  Again, Love has a boatload of potential with a bazooka arm and Dillon has Lacy-like vision coupled with Thomas Jones like anger (how he runs)…dude LOVES contact.  That should help in the 4th quarter when closing out games.  There’s nothing more demoralizing to an opponent than when they know you’re running, and they want nothing to do with stopping it…enter THIGHS, A.J. Dillon.  Okay, getting ahead of myself.

Until camp breaks…

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