Recap, Everything…Congrats KC

Normally I would’ve dedicated a separate blog to reviewing the NFC title game, however to keep it efficient, this will be a total recap.  So here we go.

NFC Championship Game Review~ the Packers eventually were outclassed in every facet of the game.  While the start was quite promising, the missed read by Rodgers on the 5th play of the drive, a 3rd & 3 from the GB 48.  After that, the punt ensued (I would’ve gone for it, regardless) and away the 49ers went.  The defense began with a 3 & out, but that was it.

It’s not worth recapping much, everyone played like crap.  Even team captain, Za’Darius Smith, commented about how the team wasn’t ready to play…that should be quite alarming.  That falls on the Head Coach, but it also falls on each individual player.  Hence no need to recap.

Season Recap~ again, this was one of the weirdest situations a pro sports team found themselves in, rare territory.  Many thought this Packers team wouldn’t finish above .500.  I was torn heading into the season of where to slot the Packers.  I thought anywhere between 8-8 and 12-4, so I settled for 10-6 and then did the entire schedule and had Green Bay as the 5 seed.  So winning a playoff game with a rookie Head Coach, technically, is impressive.  However, the older I get, the more I realize the more you capitalize on these opportunities, the more likely these opportunities come by – there are 2 questions left to be asked (almost every year):

  1. Was this season a success?
  2. Are you pleased with how this season ended?

This is where it gets weird.  The Packers’ season had a successful season, in my terms.  Yet somehow I’m not pleased with how it finished.  Here’s way…

  • It’s a success due to winning a playoff game with a rookie Head Coach. Getting to the NFC title game is technically more impressive if you began in the Wild Card than getting a bye, due to having to win a road playoff game.  It’s weird, I know.
  • I’m not pleased—due to seeing this team for 16 games, and knowing this season came down to a pure matchup issue. This was also the reason I was supremely confident the entire game vs. Seattle.  I knew Green Bay had the proper matchup for Seattle…Rodgers vs. that Seahawks D, he should tear it up.
    • Knowing Rodgers absolutely blows in NFC title game—every TD pass in those game has come in garbage time sans 1 (vs. Seattle).

There’s HOPE, moving forward.  The issue is that Hope Isn’t A Strategy.

NFL Recap~ well, for the 2nd consecutive season I picked the Super Bowl winner.  I wasn’t too accurate on much else, but whatever.  Some may say that I thought the 9ers would win the night before the Super Bowl, which I did.  However, I’d then have written this saying “How close I was to getting 2 in a row, correct.”

Heading into next season, it’s the same narrative…”How much more help does Rodgers need to win?”  There’s the issue.  Many claim (Rodgers defenders) “It’s a team game, it’s more than just the QB,” a smart man once said (and it resonated) “Show me a loser and I’ll show you a QB that was outplayed.”  That’s sadly and alarmingly accurate.

This is the draft to get WRs, so hopefully the Packers take at least 2 of the top 9 WRs in the draft, and load up on defense, again.

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