In the Driver’s Seat @ the Pit Stop

The Packers enter their week 11 bye in the driver’s seat for the 1 seed in the NFC.  Meaning Green Bay controls their own destiny for home-field advantage, which is a great indicator of whom represents each conference in the Super Bowl.  The importance of earning, not only a bye but, home field advantage is HUGE!

Green Bay currently is tied for 3rd best record in the NFL at 8-2.  The only teams ahead are New England and San Francisco, both at 8-1, and each losing their last time out.

  • Side note—both have been critiqued a bit on whether they’ve actually played “tough competition” so far. Well, we do know that San Fran has their hands full in their remaining 7 games, after they get a decent opponent in Arizona, they welcome another tough opponent in the Packers to prime-time and the Packers will be coming off a bye.

Over the last 15 seasons (30 teams to make the Super Bowl) only 7 teams have made the Super Bowl with 6 of those 7 teams winning the Super Bowl.  What does this mean?  Essentially 77% of the participants of the Super Bowl either had a 1 or 2 seed.  What’s even more telling, is the 1 seed made the Super Bowl 53% of the time, winning 20% of the time.  So just by pure math, over the last 15 years, earning a 1 seed gives you a 1/5 chance of winning the Super Bowl, which isn’t bad considering 12 teams make it—weighing the odds in your favor.

Lastly- the importance of the 1 seed, especially of recent, since 2013 only teams with a bye have made the Super Bowl and all but 3 of those teams (12 teams total) have been 1 seeds.  The nice thing about the Packers potentially getting home field is their finally built (both with players and coaches) to win in the cold.  When Davante Adams went out, the Packers (mainly Rodgers) seemed to follow a true West Coast offense with short passes and a run game to control the clock, which when he’s in rhythm is damn near impossible to stop, regardless of his receiving corps…evidenced by that 4 game stretch where they were blowing teams out and getting off to fast starts.

Rooting interest this weekend without Packer football????  Here’s who WE want to win to help the Packers, again, if the Packers win out none of these matter much, but should Green Bay stumble along the road, these would help.

  • Falcons > Panthers
  • Lions > Cowboys
  • Broncos > Vikings
  • Buccaneers > Saints
  • Cardinals > 49ers
  • Patriots > Eagles





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