Bucks– Changing Expectations?

March 27, 2019 at 7:41am CST—the Milwaukee Bucks currently hold the NBA’s best record, by 4 games, with six to play.  Essentially the realization the Bucks will finish with the best record ensuring home-court advantage throughout the entire playoffs is upon us.

For those that follow, you’re aware I don’t often write about the Bucks, however I’ve been a fan since I was a child, have attended games annually, and figured with their deserved attention that it would make sense to offer a perspective to some that may or may not be seeking it…if that makes sense.

The Bucks came into the 2018/2019 campaign with the goal in mind to Win a Playoff Series.  However, with what’s transpired 76 games into the season, they’re (on paper) clearly the best team in the Association and have the best player (Giannis Antetokounmpo), the expectations have shifted…or have they?  At this point, with what the Bucks have shown, wouldn’t it feel like a downer if the Bucks don’t win the NBA Finals?

I’m all about winning championships, but even I can understand if the Bucks lose a series in the Finals to the well-experienced (and arguably one of the all-time great 5-year franchise runs) Warriors team.  Even then, like the Brewers last year, many enjoyed the ride, if the Bucks find themselves with home court advantage in the Eastern Conference Finals, or NBA Finals, and not capitalizing on that would seem like blowing an opportunity that they may not have again…then again, with Giannis, who knows?  That kid is special beyond talent.

Regardless, expect the Bucks to be favored in each series they play in the Playoffs, and expect them to win it.

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