Putting a Bow on the 2018 Season

Well, the best continue to prove why, well, they’re the best.  Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck were both on display on the biggest stage and out-shined their opponents in every aspect.  Belicheck held the 2nd best offense to 3 points, while Brady out-dueled the youngster, Goff, especially in crunch time.  Many will say that Brady is the Luckiest Athlete Ever, however winning 1 Super Bowl takes luck, 2 shows you have a knack of knowing how to win—winning 6?  Yeah, you’re the best ever, it’s not a conversation.  Goff missed a wide open WR (Cooks) in the 4th quarter for a potential TD, which would’ve tied the game. Then threw just an awful interception on a ball that should’ve never been thrown.  Meanwhile, when needed, Brady delivered a perfect throw to Rob Gronkowski to essentially seal his 6th Lombardi trophy.

For everyone that hates the Patriots, trust me, it’s much easier (and better) if you just accept their greatness.  It’s likely something we’ll never see again in sports in our lifetime.  In the meantime, how can the Packers become a dynasty (3 rings in 5 years)?  Well, it starts with cutting the fat on the roster (Nick Perry, Randall Cobb, Clay Matthews, etc.) and absolutely killing this draft.

Because the Packers traded back with New Orleans, they now hold 3 draft picks in the first 44 selections.  That’s a great opportunity to have a draft like the Indianapolis Colts did in 2018 (1st pick G Quinten Nelson, 2nd pick Darius Leonard, DROY) which propelled them to a 10-6 record, along with a new coach after going 4-12 last year—the Colts got a new head coach, their old QB back, and an influx of young solid talent through the draft.  The year prior, the Saints also had arguably the best draft ever, which catapulted them into the playoffs after three consecutive years of 7-9.  However, the goal is to win 3 super bowls by the end of the 2023 season—in order for that to take place, the defense needs to show improvement and Aaron Rodgers must outplay his counterpart in the postseason, just as he did in each game in the 2010 run.

Have fun watching the Bucks as they’re the best team in the NBA and they just added to their arsenal without giving up much.  I’ll be off until March (combine/draft lookout time), thanks again for keeping along with me throughout these weeks!

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