Biding Time Until Super Bowl Sunday!

With the coaching staff finally taking shape, this is a very interesting time to be a Packers fan, as there has been major change across the organization, essentially conducting a full rebuild- sans quarterback.  As stated earlier in other blogs, LaFleur will bring a fresh look and hopefully get Rodgers to perform to his contract, and ultimately win games and Super Bowls…plural.

He brings in Nathaniel Hackett, former Offensive Coordinator from the Jacksonville Jaguars, with both LaFleur and Hackett bringing a much-needed focus on the run game.  The Packers will need to address the offensive line, and add a solid Tight End- assuming they don’t keep Mercedes Lewis, who called out Aaron Rodgers for changing plays in the huddle, my guess is HE GONE!

Since the Super Bowl isn’t until the following week, and a majority of the week has been taken over by the blown non-PI call in the NFC title game…AND the laughable argument about OT rules for not allowing Mahommes to “get a chance” in OT—let’s dive a little into the State of the Packers.

The major topic for Packer fans should be turned to 4 players currently on the roster with decisions to be made…

Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, Randall Cobb, and Jimmy Graham.  Considering the contracts for each (Cobb’s and Matthews’ are expired) it would make sense to cut ties with all 4, it’d also make sense to bring back Matthews and/or Cobb considering they actually bring SOME value whereas Nick Perry is straight up garbage.  Listening to a podcaster from Cheesehead TV earlier this week, had made mention about how Nick Perry is the worst player on the Packers.  Essentially he contributed nothing on any play, and since his contract year where he registered 12 sacks (including playoffs) in 2016, he’s done nothing…I wish there were another word to use, but that’s it!  Also, those 12 sacks came against $hit Tackles, left alone, or was pushed into the QB…just cut him and save the…oh wait, they can’t, his cap hit is too much, but after 2019 he will be gone and only eat $7ishM.

Randall Cobb—the influx of youth at the WR position last year pretty much forced the hand here, however the position altogether is quite interesting.

  • Davante Adams = stud.
  • Marquez Valdes-Scantling = promising.
  • J’Mon Moore = incomplete (that’s on the coaches, this was the year to find out, b/c the Packers never were winning the Super Bowl anyway).
  • Equanimeous St. Brown = high ceiling.
  • Trevor Davis = return man, that’s it. He’s also not great at it so he better be gone.
  • Geronimo Allison = Rodgers seems to like him, and he’s shown to know the playbook and be where he’s supposed to be, a nice 4th
  • Jake Kumerow = great story, good blood line, likely worth a shot at making the team next year

Does this leave room for Cobb to return?  If it were my call, no. Just save the $, go with youth—isn’t the plan from this new coaching staff to correct the QB?  If the QB is so great shouldn’t it be enough to have these WRs who likely will continue to improve?  Yes is the answer if you’re struggling with those questions.

Clay Matthews—likely have to bring him back, on a much lower contract, but this team has zero depth at Edge Rusher and while he’s not productive (nowhere near his first 5-6 years in the league) he still knows where to be, hustles, sets a great example, and makes some plays from time to time at the line of scrimmage.

Jimmy Graham—C YA!  I can’t think of any reason to bring him back.  Both of Rodgers’ interceptions this year came throwing to Graham over the middle, which is where he should dominate, and since he can’t get open because he’s slower than I am he should be able to outjump guys for the ball—nope.  To borrow one of my cousin’s favorite phrases he’s a true “slug, just straight garbage.”

So there ya have it, something to chew on until next week’s Super Bowl preview.

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