Please Lose– oh, and convince me I’m not a “Good Fan”

Review—finally the Packers are officially eliminated from the playoffs and the fans that were holding on to hope, can shift their focus to the draft and next year.  The Bears played an OK game, which proved enough to beat Green Bay’s best shot.  We learned that Matt Nagy (Chicago’s head coach) loves to be the smartest guy in the room, and that will cost the Bears against a good team.  The Packers got away from running Aaron Jones due to not having 3 starting offensive linemen, so needing Jamaal Williams to help with pass protection vs Khalil Mack and the Bears’ pass rush, instead of running the ball with a very effective Halfback….yeah, read that again.

The Bears clinched the division and they celebrated like the Cubs won the World Series, but now Packer fans are left feuding with one another about “who’s a True Fan?” which some people are taking issue with Cheeseheads wanting their beloved Packers to lose their final 2 games.

Green Bay has an opportunity to vastly improve the situation next year by playing as many rookies and young players regular season game action, and if they lose both of their remaining games while getting some help (bad teams “behind” them winning) could move up the draft order from their current spot; 11th.

Preview—enter one of those teams “ahead” of the Packers, the New York Jets.  The Jets currently sit at 4-10 and the 4th overall pick.  It would behoove each of these teams to lose, so as you can tell the “hype” for this game should be as low as possible.

The Jets don’t have much talent, none on offense, but feature one of the best young defenders in Jamal Adams.  He’s the 6th overall pick from last year’s draft (2017) from LSU, wears #33 and a bunch of sweatbands…oh, and he’s also really good.  While watching him, think he’s the type of player that the Packers could draft next year and immediately help, IF they can crack into the top 10 in the draft.

Prediction—these are 2 bad teams, the Jets rank 24th in points scored and points allowed, whereas the Packers rank 16th offensively and 17th defensively.  Green Bay has quite a bit more talent which I believe will be the difference-maker…

Packers 31
Jets 17



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