Cleaning up a disaster…Go Crew!

For as poorly as the Packers played in Detroit, somehow the Lions tried losing by just being flat out terrible.  What does that mean?  Either the Packers are good and don’t play to their level or the Lions are straight trash and Green Bay somehow couldn’t win, or both?

Review—to see how much the Packers “outplayed” the Lions, looking at every stat will show it.  Green Bay had 30 first downs to Detroit’s 18, & 521 total yards to the Lions’ 264.  Turnovers, missed Field Goals, and stalled drives did in the Green & Gold.  Giving any team 17 free points, especially on the road, makes it damn near impossible to win a game.  Safe to assume if any team has that many miscues, and the refs miss a blatantly obviously turnover (punt off King after the opening drive), that’ll result in a loss.

Enough to say, if the Packers play a sound game, at least without terrible turnovers, they should be most teams.  The defense didn’t shut down Detroit, by any means, but at least managed the game almost as well as they could from the positions they were put in.  Again, the main frustration would be the lack of playing time/snaps Aaron Jones, HB #33, received, especially with his production.  Even if he doesn’t play b/c he can’t pass block, the offense moves the ball with ease and he produces, not sure why he isn’t run into the ground at this point.

Preview—enter the Jimmy G-less San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night.  San Fran brings the 10th ranked defense in yards, 29th in points.  Green Bay matches up their 10th ranked offense (18th in points) vs that, so they should be able to move the ball at will, but is that enough to punch the ball in the end zone?  That’s the key, the Packers didn’t punt last week, so not to give up a ton of opportunities, will likely result in a bunch of points and more wins.

The 9ers’ defense is 10th in yards, 29th in points—not sure what to pull from that aside from them likely turning the ball over or giving their opponents’ short fields.  The Packers bring the 10th rated offense and 18th in points…so they’re the antithesis- not taking advantage of TDs when getting close.  Bunch of yards, minimal points…Green Bay needs to punch it in more often to get rolling and begin to build something.

What does this all mean?  I don’t know, maybe give #33 the ball a bunch more, run the offense from under center and don’t turn the ball over.  Pretty easy.

49ers 13
Packers 24

34-23, time to get back on track…really tough schedule coming up!


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