Best Chance to Improve = NOW

Review—well that was the epitome of a clunker.  The Packers came out uninspired and seemed almost drained from their effort the week prior.  The Quarterback could’ve played better, but hit enough throws to keep the ball moving down the field, but the overall mistakes were far too great and frequent to overcome.  The multiple drops by, usually reliable, Randall Cobb that all seem to come on crucial 3rd downs.  Aaron Rodgers’ top target, Davante Adams had a killer drop as well—let’s not forget the game-altering drop by Lance Kendricks that too would’ve changed the complexion of the game, and easily the outcome.  Lastly, I promise (this is how bad it was), the Kentrell Brice experiment, I hope, has run its course.  The guy can tackle, but as for knowing where to be and ball skills, he’s cost Green Bay 2 wins AND Mohammad Wilkerson’s career in Green Bay.  It’s hard to imagine Jermaine Whitehead or Raven Greene being worse.  They’re at least worth finding out…it appears that’s one of 3 areas of major concern for this organization- followed by Offensive Line depth, and Pass Rushers.

Green Bay now sits with the 18th (14th points) ranked offense and 23rd (point too) ranked defense.  All too familiar ground for this organization since the 2010 season.  The encouraging thing is that this team plays near lights out defense for halves at a time, but unfortunately that’s only been good enough to win 1 of 3 games, and that won’t cut it.  The offense isn’t innocent either, but since the QB was hobbled, the short-passing game is quite effective.  However, like in week 2, there are too many drives that stall, so hopefully McCarthy (and Rodgers) stick to the running game with the return of Aaron Jones, who seems to be the back that can thrive with the QB like Rodgers and in the offense like Mac’s.  Enough about the mistake-riddled week 3, on to Buffalo.

Preview—the Packers will don their throwback uniforms and welcome the Buffalo Bills, who are coming off a throttling of the Minnesota Vikings, in Minneapolis.  The Bills could not have looked worse in their week 1 game vs Baltimore and in week 2

24th (10th in points) ranked Defense and 31st (29th in points) ranked Offense.  So the Packers have a good match-up, or at least a prime opportunity to improve their rankings on each side of the ball and instill confidence in themselves (or at least some of the fan base) moving forward after getting out of the first quarter of the season.  The next 4 games, after week 4, prove to be quite difficult and with the tie vs Minnesota acting as a loss, it’s imperative Green Bay finds a way to win this game vs Buffalo and to then go 3-1 in those games…so a 6-1-1 record in the 1st half of the season at least gives them a chance for a top 2 seed in the NFC playoff seeding.

Prediction Time– Last checked, Green Bay are 9.5 point favorites, which sounds about right.  The Bills bring in a rookie QB (Josh Allen) that brings a cannon-arm, but also is going to give his opponent plentiful opportunities for interceptions, whether the Packers can capitalize on those occurrences may be the difference between a win and a loss.  Green Bay can’t afford to have another clunker of a game, they’re just not that talented, or at least not there yet to win games by playing average.

Look for the Packers to showcase the same offense they have as of recent, pistol formation with quick passes and hopefully quite a bit more rush attempts for #33.

Bills 21
Packers 27

33-22— getting through the 1st quarter of the season with a 2-1-1 record wouldn’t be a success, but it at least puts the Packers in position to build on success and create some momentum heading into the thick of the season.

Looking far ahead, because that’s what fans (can) do.  Assuming Green Bay can beat up on the Bills tomorrow, they will travel to Detroit, which will be tough, but a must-win game (tiebreakers involved). Then come home for a much less-threatening game vs the Jimmy G-less 49ers for a Monday night showdown.  Of these next 3 games, 4-1-1 is pretty much a must.  GO PACK GO!

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