Bear Down on Big Mack?

Bear week.  Since 1992 it’s seemed to account for an automatic 1.75 wins/year for Green Bay.  Will it be that way again?  Let’s take a look.

Chicago—if you haven’t heard, you’re likely not reading this, but the Bears acquired Khalil Mack, arguably the best defensive player in the NFL.  Chicago already had a top 10 defense (9th) a season ago and with adding Mack, likely will only improve.  The Bears are the latest team to follow the trend of trying to build a winner around (what they think is) a talented QB before having to pay him QB $.  From what we saw of Mitch Trubisky a season ago left a lot to be desired.  Many Chicago sportscasters/writers claim his instincts from the tape they watched on him at UNC were “great.” However, 2 of the three sacks he took from Nick Perry last year stick in my mind that were automatic throw aways without being under duress and he still found a way to take a sack, twice.  Of course QBs can (and do) grow, however I’ll be skeptical on Mitchell’s growth until I see it…at least enough growth to turn Chicago into a title contender.

Green Bay—the return of Aaron Rodgers is obviously a difference-maker between making the postseason and being a 7-9 ball club.  The optimist in me says that was a great thing as it cleaned most of the house (Ted, Capers, etc.), but 2 of the 3 remain: QB; Head Coach.  Hopefully new Defensive Coordinator, Mike Pettine, can have the impact like he did in NY when he was with the Jets…those were some solid defenses that were QB’d by an atrocious player, Mark Sanchez.  As for this game, look for the Packers to disguise their pressure, but to get after the 2nd year man (Trubisky) and force his decision-making to his 1st or 2nd read in hopes that the zone is tight and they can pick him off a couple of times.

As for how this game goes, for some reason I think it’ll be like the regular season game from 2016 vs the NY Giants.  The Packers won 23-16, but Rodgers threw 2 TDs with 2 INTs, very un-Rodgers-like, but the defense was able to keep Eli out of the end zone for the most part and essentially win the game.  I think this game will resemble that…the Bears have a solid defense, and the Packers have talent on the defensive-side of the ball, since it’s the regular season and no impact of weather, I’ll trust the better QB to take care of the ball at times where it matters and to make a few more throws in key situations.

Bears 16
Packers 23

Record: 32-20…Go Pack Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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