Hello Football

Good bye summer??  Hopefully not too soon, but with training camp well under way we all know what the weather does, at least we have football to hold us until February…

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely been keeping up to date with the goings on at Packers training camp.  Aaron Rodgers has been intercepted 6 times already (as of Aug 4th when I’m writing this) and many are trying to figure out if it’s his arm, or the Mike Pettine-led defense.  Obviously Packer fans are all hoping for the latter, which it likely is, it also is August 4th…essentially the time for no-namers to get their time to shine.  The promising thing is the positive updates from the first round pick, Jaire Alexander.  He’s impressed everyone so far in camp and hopefully that trend continues.  Kevin King (2017’s first pick, 33rd overall) has also looked healthy and promising—both will need to play a big role and contribute if this team has any shot at winning the Super Bowl.

With Family Night just a few hours away, it’ll be nice to see Packer football (even if it’s a glorified practice) on TV to get the routine down again.  Don’t look for anything in particular tonight, other than that just hoping no one gets hurt and that the ball doesn’t hit the ground an inordinate amount of times.  What you may see, and what I’m “excited” to watch for is the increase of speed at the skill positions, especially Wide Receiver.  It’s tough for rookies to contribute in a major factor, with their speed and the speed coming from the 2nd year players (Kevin King and Josh Jones) it should increase the overall team speed, which may be considered a strength by season’s end.

The news of Bryan Bulaga being cleared to play was also a welcome update as that solidifies the offensive line to a comfortable point; leaving the Right Guard spot the only open hole for competition.

Again, just a light practice tonight, hopefully no injuries, then gear up for the RG competition and the Tennessee Titans on Thursday, Aug 9th at Lambeau!



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