Mac’s Mess, still

I think taking as much time to think about the current state of the Green Bay Packers is a great idea, as maddening as it may be.  Again, this all falls squarely on head coach, Mike McCarthy.  This team is getting outcoached in every facet of the game, and they’re still soft.  If anything, an injury to your star player should inject a “nothing to lose” attitude into the remaining 53 players and it’d be great if the Packer came out swinging- not literally, but show some heart.

The Packers now rank 23rd and 25th in total offense and defense, respectively.  The Bears possess a putrid offense (29th) and a solid defense (8th)…with the complacent offense McCarthy has schemed since Rodgers went down expect the Bears to hold the Packers out of the end zone, unless the Packers score on busted play (30+ yards).

Last week Detroit’s offensive coordinator, Jim Bob Cooter, no joke that’s his name, outclassed Dom Capers and stalemated a far superior Packers defensive front and allowed Stafford to carve up the confused secondary.  Look for Kenny Clark (#97) and Dean Lowry (#94) to try to take back command of the line of scrimmage.

The only way the Packers can win this game is to win the turnover battle, by at least 2, and needs the defense to be on the same page, which will be tough without their quarterback, Morgan Burnett.

Packers 13
Bears 24

28-16: sadly I’ve been correct, hopefully that stops…then again, if the Packers continue to lose there’s a chance major change could occur.

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