Smashmouth Football! (kinda)

Review: Martellus Bennett showed the attitude this team needs and hasn’t seen since Josh Sitton was cut some 53-54 weeks ago.  Some may say the penalty was dumb, however I firmly believe he knew the 1st down had been attained before delivering the blow, and either way it’s an investment upon the season and not just that game.  That attitude was seen from the start with the Packers’ defense.  Forcing five 3 and outs….yep 5!!!!!  Actually, had Mike McCarthy not been aggressive and tried to get the ball back for the offense with about 0:20 left in the 1st half, the D would’ve forced six 3 and outs…although I see what he was trying to accomplish (give his QB a chance to put points on the board before half).

Let’s take a look at ProFootballFocus’ grades from last week:
Edge Nick Perry, 89.8
LB Blake Martinez, 87.0
DL Mike Daniels, 86.6
WR Jordy Nelson, 81.8
RG Jahri Evans, 79.1
QB Aaron Rodgers, 78.1

This is why I like checking these grades as it may seem that Mike Daniels had the best game of anyone on the field – which I agree, because sports (especially football) comes down to a few key/big plays and Mike Daniels had the biggest one of all (a strip-sack of Wilson) on Seattle’s 3rd play of the 2nd half.  The ensuing play led to a 6-yard TD run by Montgomery to put the Packers up for good.  This does show consistency and that Perry was able to set the edge, and keep it throughout the game.  We saw how important that was.  Now keep in mind, as I said last week, that Seattle’s offensive line is straight trash, but still good to see J

Aaron Rodgers didn’t play well, and I’m not sure as to why, but I can’t get the lack of snaps in the preseason for him out of my head.  I know Kyle Murphy was starting in place of Bulaga and the Seahawks possess one of, if not the, best defenses in the NFL – however Aaron Rodgers and the endless weaponry at his disposal was only able to put up 10 points, at home, in ideal conditions?  I’m thinking (hoping, hate that word though) it’ll correct itself and improve throughout the season.

Preview: Atlanta had some major issues with the Bears on Sunday.  There could be a plethora of reasons as to why:

  • Rust for being the 1st game of the season
  • Super Bowl hangover
  • Matt Ryan realizing who he is? (biggest choke artist in history)

However, let’s give credit, they went on the road and won in the NFL on week 1 which is fairly tough to do…even if there were two dropped TDs by the Bears with < 0:10 left in the game, a win is a win.  Who played well for Atlanta?
LB De’Vondre Campbell, 86.6
C Alex Mack, 86.5
T Ryan Schraeder, 85.8
CB Brian Poole, 82.3
TE Austin Hooper, 81.3
QB Matt Ryan, 71.1

As you can see, the Falcons’ played fairly well also, AND the Packers have the pleasure of opening up yet another stadium in week 2 on Sunday Night Football, for the 2nd consecutive season.  If you remember, Green Bay traveled to Minnesota to open US Bank stadium and played like absolute crap, and barely lost 17-14 to the fighting Stefon Diggs (he had a career night).  But I digress.

This should be a solid matchup between two of the top teams in the NFC, and could go a long way in deciding tiebreakers for playoffs and seedings, but for now it counts as week 2 and a great opportunity to build momentum to begin the season.  The Packers’ offense will be tested by Atlanta’s furiously fast defense coached by Head Coach Dan Quinn (who’s 5-0 facing Mike McCarthy teams, 3-0 as DC in Sea and 2-0 as HC in Atl).

Regardless of how the game flows, Rodgers and this Packers offense needs to be 1-step ahead of the Falcons’ offense.  This could turn into a track meet – I think it’ll mimic the week 8 matchup from last year at Atlanta, a 33-32 Falcon victory.  There should be plenty of speed on the field and it should be fun to watch!  Go Pack Go!

Packers 27
Falcons 31

23-15: I’ll get back to the opponents’ and Packers +/-‘s next week as this really is just an exploratory game for both of these teams.


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