Another Epic Fail? The answers are below :)

Finally football season is upon us!  Don’t worry, I selected my predictions prior to tonight’s kickoff (for those that care).  Looking back to last season, I projected the Packers to go 12-4, host the NFC title and lose to Seattle at Lambeau with the Seahawks to avenge their Super Bowl loss the previous season to the Patriots.  I was…kinda close, right?

This season I’ll kinda go the same route, picking chalk means you’re likely not to be too far off.  Let’s take a look at how this season may go.

1Green Bay 12 4 North 1Pittsburgh 13 3
5Minnesota 9 7 5Baltimore 11 5
Detroit 7 9 Cincinnati 8 8
Chicago 5 11 Cleveland 2 14
4Atlanta 10 6 South 4Houston 7 9
Carolina 8 8 Tennessee 7 9
New Orleans 7 9 Indianapolis 6 10
Tampa Bay 6 10 Jacksonville 4 12
2New York 12 4 East 2New England 13 3
Washington 8 8 Buffalo 6 10
Dallas 8 8 Miami 5 11
Philadelphia 7 9 New York 4 12
3Seattle 12 4 West 3Kansas City 11 5
6Los Angeles 9 7 6Oakland 10 6
Arizona 8 8 Los Angeles 8 8
San Francisco 3 13 Denver 8 8

Keep in mind, I actually take the time (the wife is NOT happy about this either) to fill out the schedule grid, meaning as I pick a win for one team the opponent I mark a loss…so this is a legit game-by-game record for all 32 teams.

Here’s how the playoffs will play out???  (Man I need to write more, to expand my vocabulary)

Wild Card: LA Rams @ Seattle; Minnesota @ Atlanta; Oakland @ Kansas City; Baltimore @ Houston
Divisional: Sea @ New York; Atl @ GB; Kansas City @ New England; Balt @ Pittsburgh
Championship: New York @ Green Bay  /  New England @ Pittsburgh
Super Bowl LII: Green Bay 24 v New England 27

Some may say that I “root against the Packers so I can be right.”  I can assure you that’s not the case.  Others may say that I don’t pick Green Bay to win so I can “hang my hat on being right if my team doesn’t succeed.”  Maybe, but I’m more worried about offering my opinion and sharing my knowledge to make others think in a different way, or at least I hope that’s the case.  Either way, there are plenty of scenarios and narratives I could create and write up suggesting why the Packers could (and should) beat the Patriots, but as for now – 159 days prior to the Super Bowl – Tom Brady and the Patriots seem to just win.  Until someone proves otherwise (besides Eli Manning who is below average until the postseason rolls around) I’ll have to figure New England is King…but man how sweet would it be to have Rodgers v Brady on the biggest stage??????  Let’s hope the fix is in as Goodell would absolutely relish that idea.

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