Missed the Deadline?

Considering it’s been over 2 months since my last entry- I figured this to be a good time to catch up!  The Brewers continue to win me over as there were no major moves made in the trade deadline…at least no major moves to improve today.  I believe the system has shown to be working, and a superior of mine once said “Don’t deviate from a great long-term plan because you’re seeing short-term success.”  I don’t believe truer words could be spoken, especially when it comes to rebuilding.

The Brewers (as of 7/31) find themselves at 55-52, 2.5 games out of first in the NL Central.  The Cubs came in and took the series this past weekend and are showing why they’re the top dog in this division.  I understand why fans are frustrated about this team dropping in the standings, but if Milwaukee is this good now just think how good they’ll be when Stearns and Co. actually planned on the “window” opening.  For the remainder of this baseball season, of course root for the Brewers to win the division (as always) however, by no means should anyone be upset by season’s end.  The upcoming core of young talent has shown such promise and is a major reason the Brew Crew seems to be ahead of schedule.

Take a look down south in Houston, where David Stearns cut his teeth, they’re one of the top teams in baseball, are stocked with young talent, and possess a top 5 farm system….STILL!!!  This is the path the Milwaukee Brewers are on, and while experiencing early success the Crew (unlike Houston) did not make a major deal to shoot for the playoffs like the Astros did in 2015 by giving up 4 prospects (Domingo Santana and Brett Phillips being two of them) for Carlos Gomez and Mike Fiers.  That 2015 Houston team, very much like this 2017 Milwaukee club had no real shot at winning anything major – instead the Brewers held on to all of their young talent that projects to help come 2019 and beyond.

Many fans and local radio personalities tell me to “just enjoy the ride,” well without a doubt I can say “I have so far.”

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