I didn’t come down here to see a Loss

Review – It’d be something else to see this Packers team put together a complete 60-minute performance.  The Wild Card game v the Giants left a lot to be desired whereas the 2nd half in the Divisional round at Dallas was eerily similar.  Either way, the Packers found ways to close both of those games, adding to the confidence of Packer fans across the nation.

Dez Bryant ended up having a great game, however that came at what seemed to be the expense of Zeke not controlling the game, which was crucial.  Aaron Rodgers played well, missed a couple of throws but nailed, what I believe is, the most clutch throw of his career (35-yarder to Cook setting up Mason Crosby’s 51-yard game-winning Field Goal).

Preview – the Falcons bring a great offense, very similar to the Packers – they also possess a banged up and just plain BAD defense: as do the Packers.  I reviewed the Falcons entire season and it comes down to them having 1, yep just one, single impressive victory.  It came week 3 at Oakland.  Since then they’ve been feasting on bad teams, including the awful Seattle team that somehow finished the season with a winning record.

Packers 34
Falcons 24

*22-14, Yes I missed last week, but it ended up being a coin flip…this one I’m a bit more confident in.

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