Bonus Post!

Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving!  I watched all 3 NFL games yesterday, and it’s very apparent to me that 5 of the 6 teams playing are in better shape than Green Bay, as far as winning games now.  Let’s recap what happened and how it sets up for the remainder of the season.  There are 2 questions to be asked, and depending on what kind of fan you are, I’ll cover them both:

  1. Would you like the Packers to make the playoffs? If so, I hope you truly believe they’ll win the Super Bowl (if you read my blog heading into week 1 you’ll notice I didn’t think GB could even at full health), otherwise what’s the point?  Let’s assume Green Bay “runs the table,” for sake of argument.

-Packers finish 10-6
-Detroit would automatically lose one more (week 17 to GB), giving them 5 losses
-Green Bay would need Detroit to lose at least once more in addition to week 17
-Detroit’s remaining schedule:
-@ Saints
-v Bears
-@ Giants
-@ Cowboys
-v Packers
-Very easily could have an additional loss on the schedule, maybe they only win 1 more game (v Bears)
-Vikings are also ahead of the Packers, however they’d assume another loss in week 16 (xmas eve) @ Green Bay and would finish 10-6, as would GB, but would lose out on division record to Green Bay and heads-up record v Detroit
-Overall, the Packers’ best chance at the playoffs is to win the division – meaning 1. Winning out and 2. Needing another loss by Detroit

  1. Would you like the Packers to lose out because a. They aren’t winning the Super Bowl this year anyway and/or b. you want change? This is where I’m at.  Of course I’ll root for the Packers during the game to win, it’s impossible not to, but in the grand scheme of things you shouldn’t be upset over a loss at this point.  Hell, the fact anyone outside of the locker room thought this team was capable of winning a Super Bowl this year heading into the season needs to take off the Green & Gold sunglasses and face reality.

*So to recap, if you want the Packers to make the playoffs you need to root for at least another loss by Detroit in addition to Green Bay finishing 6-0.

I also want to clear something else up…to blame Ted Thompson is perfectly fine, he should deserve the credit for winning and blame for losing.  However, blame him for not drafting well, but don’t blame him for not signing free agents to help this team.  The reason there’s no chance this team was going to win the Super Bowl isn’t because the Packers didn’t pick up Brandon Browner or Antonio Cromartie to help the defensive backfield.  Would they help win a game or two?  Sure.  However, there’s a reason they’re unemployed PLUS a huge factor is they’d be taking snaps and valuable playing time from the younger guys.

You may be saying, But Nick, the young guys suck!  Yes, but I’d rather lose by giving kids playing time than not winning by blocking their development.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I’m not a die-hard Badger fan, but I’ll root for them as college football is improving and if they can sneak into the college football playoff that’d be incredible for the university and the state of Wisconsin.

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