Getting Close to Placing Blame…

Unlike most, maybe all, Packer fans I’m not disgusted or disgruntled after this performance.  Why?  Although picking Green Bay to win, I’m not shocked this team lost to arguably a bottom 5 team in the NFL, at home, in perfect conditions.  Following the game, Indianapolis now possesses the 13th ranked offense and the 29th ranked defense.  There were countless times where Packer receivers were open for quick, easy 5-10 yard gains and Rodgers either didn’t see them or chose to find someone else further downfield.  Either way, when will most fans come to the realization he’s at fault for this?  The offense has changed a bit over the last 4-5 games in design to get pass-catchers open quickly to offset the lack of rushing attack, and yet it’s only come to fruition for a half here or a half there (Chicago and Atlanta)…The question is now, aside from being a blind fan of the team, why should anyone expect a turnaround and this team to string along multiple quarters let alone games in order to become a championship-caliber team?  The answer: No one should expect it.  Demand it, but you’re setting yourself up for pointless heartbreak if you think this team will magically become great.  Even in 2010, this team didn’t look like it was stuck in neutral on both sides of the ball.

Moving on to Tennessee, another un-common opponent.  The Titans are the 8th ranked offense, overall and have the 16th rated defense.  Meanwhile the Packers are rated 16th and 7th on offense and defense, respectively.  I’m not sure how this matchup really works out.  The Titans pose a tough rushing attack with Demarco Murray and last year’s Heisman winner, Derrick Henry.  They’ve combined for 1,028 yards rushing already through nine (9) games – averaging 114 yards/game rushing.  Combine that with their versatile/rushing QB Marcus Mariota (keep in mind that Colin Kaepernick should have Dom Capers on retainer) and they’re the 3rd best rushing offense in football.  It should be a good matchup between their rushing attack and the Packers’ best rush defense.

All in all, Rodgers might be beyond repair (hopefully I won’t have to write about this in the offseason), the Packers’ defense is being rebuilt in front of our eyes (5+ starters on their first contract) – I wouldn’t say this season is lost ONLY due to it being a potential re-tooling.  However, I may have said this before, but unless this team actually wins the Super Bowl there’s absolutely no reason, aside from blind fandom, to believe this organization is capable of winning a title this season based on what you’ve seen.

Packers 27
Titans 30

*14-12 after my dumba$$ picked the Packers…I won’t until they give me a reason.*

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