2 Tests, 2 Fs…

Recap – no way around it, the Packers got their asses kicked Sunday.  In every facet.  Further proving this offense is all screwed up and I believe there’s plenty of blame to pass.  However, in the interest of time (as it’s 6:56p CST and I need this posted before 7:26p CST) we can cover who’s to blame and why sometime next week.

Preview—the Bears are arguably the worst team in the NFL, but based on how the Packers have been playing and they’re missing their top 3 cornerbacks could prove to be an issue v a Chicago-led passing attack of Brian Hoyer.  With the Packers wearing ALL WHITE (would be absolutely awesome if the NFL allowed Green Bay to wear a white helmet), the Packers need to run the ball well with newly-acquired Knile Davis and practice squad-caliber Don Jackson.  If all were perfect, a lot of under center with fullback formations could do wonders if Green Bay is able to run the ball effectively (see 1st half v Detroit) and it opens up the entire field for any type of play.  I don’t see Rodgers’ accuracy returning unless he somehow fixed his footwork/mechanics in 1 practice since Sunday ‘nor do I see the offense switching completely in that same amount of time.

However, the Bears are awful and just based on pure talent alone, the Packers should win in spite of offensive scheme, horrendous QB play, and 4th and 5th corners starting.  Albeit short, I promise to elaborate next week in what’s hopefully a recap of a win.

Bears 20
Packers 23

*Overall record is 12-11 (god last week should be an eye-opener, again I’ll explain next week).*

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