An Absolute Mess

Well what an awful game.  The Vikings are missing their starting QB, didn’t have their Hall of Fame running back, were without their best D Lineman and 2nd cornerback, and still got the W versus Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.  I wish I could say “I’m surprised,” but the fact of the matter is nothing’s changed from last year.  Offensive scheme is predictable, there’s no design for anyone to get open, the QB rarely lines up under center, and Rodgers’ ego is in full force.

Sure the Vikings have a good defense, but what’s the point in having an all-world QB if he’s not going to best those defenses?  If you’ve paid attention to local sports media at all this week you’ve heard the numbers.

  • Aaron Rodgers hasn’t had a 100+ QB rating in 14 straight games.
  • Rodgers is 1-6 in his last seven primetime games, with the lone win coming on a Hail Mary.


Amongst many other stats I could  spew out (and believe me, if you’d like me to I’ll be more than happy to), but until this team shows it can win in the clutch (key word being WIN), I can’t believe this team is capable of winning another Lombardi trophy.

The Vikings may have an issue winning any of their next 3 games, but if they somehow win 2 of those, they’re on track to win the division and possibly earn a BYE in the postseason.  As for Green Bay, aside from blowing it up and rebuilding, this team seems destined for another postseason berth ending in choking again.

Enter Detroit, a team (to borrow a line from NBA Analyst, Bill Simmons) that being stuck in neutral would be considered a compliment, to Lambeau Field for a Noon Sunday kick to renew the “rivalry.”  Stafford and his Offensive Coordinator, Jim Bob Cooter (yes that’s his real name) came into Lambeau last year and bested the Packers.  Not sure if you remember that game, but I’ll refer you to my blog post that I believe was title “9 Consecutive Punts?!?!”  Green Bay’s defense seems to have found its groove to stopping the run, but needs major help in the pass defense department since Sam Shields went down with a concussion.  Diggs smoked Randall all night with only a few days’ practice with his QB.  Look for the Packers to get after Stafford, hopefully Clay and Datone are healthy enough to play, but Nick Perry should have another solid game.  As tough as it is for me to pick the Packers to win, it’s almost irresponsible if I don’t.

Detroit is banged up, might be missing their top 2 defenders (Deandre Levy and Ziggy Ansah), and even a porous showing of 20 points by the Packers should get the job done.  Then again, that would’ve won the game last Sunday night.

So to recap – the Packers have major problems and I don’t think there’s a fix that can occur this season that will result in a Super Bowl trophy.  The defense seems to be in top 10 form, but with a QB way off his mark (I don’t feel like starting a war as to naming the reason), and an offense that my 1 year-old daughter can predict…I don’t see this team fully dominating any teams this season.  Then again if it happens, take my word for it “It’s a mirage.”

Go Pack Go!

Lions 16
Packers 24

*overall record now 10-10*

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