It’s March, so…

….and we hit the start of the NCAA tournament!  The first 2 days are arguably the longest, best stretch in all of sports!  This year college basketball seems to have as much parody as ever, making the tournament that much better!

Along with the NCAA tournament is NFL offseason (not that you care but I have Kansas, Oregon, Michigan St., and North Carolina in my Final Four with Kansas winning it all).  The Packers let Trevathan sign in Chicago along with Jerrell Freeman (another Inside Linebacker, from Indianapolis).  Of all the remaining free agents, the only one that makes sense is Jared Cook (Tight End from the (formerly known as) St. Louis Rams).  Ted Thompson brought Cook in for a visit but let him walk without an offer.

This is what sabre-metrics looks like when applied to the NFL.  Would Danny Trevathan be an improvement over Jake Ryan or Sam Barrington, but with the sabre-metric theory in play Trevathan at $6M/year would have to out-value Barrington and his contract of $550k/yr.  It’s possible that by signing Trevathan the Packers may not have enough room to resign Josh Sitton or TJ Lang next year…

My expectations are either winning a Super Bowl or the season was a waste – not popular by many – and now I’m at a crossroads.  The debacle of the NFC title game in Seattle (2014 season) was a combination of everyone failing.  Last season Rodgers looked human for multiple reasons, but I’m thoroughly convinced Rodgers cannot win a Super Bowl without a top 5 defense.

Hey!  I’ve appeared on a radio show a few times now and will likely make more appearances in the coming weeks.  Take a look on Facebook for What’s the Score!?  It’s a sports-related current events game show with fun topics and great personalities!

Until next time!  Go Badgers, beat Pitt (and Xavier)!

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