Car v. Den — Who Wins???

The NFL postseason got it right again, the two best teams are facing each other again in the Super Bowl.  Carolina hasn’t seen a defense like Denver’s all season.  Denver will likely play man coverage on Carolina’s average to below-average receivers and force Cam Newton to pass from the pocket to beat them…at least that’s what I would do as Cam isn’t a good passer or quarterback for that matter.  Yes he’ll win the MVP, yes he had 35 pass TDs, but he also didn’t complete 60% of his passes – that’s baaaaaaaaad.

Carolina has jumped all over Seattle and Arizona in their playoff games so far.  Denver will be focused on limiting/negating big plays from Carolina, especially during the first half.  If Denver keeps it to within 1 score at halftime they’re in position to keep the pressure on Carolina to keep performing and make Cam be accurate.

I know this is short and sweet but I’m hoping for Peyton to go out on top being he’s the standard for class in this league (hoping the HGH allegations are false…).

Carolina 23
Denver 27

*Next week I’ll begin to look at the draft and possible prospects to keep your eyes on for potential fits for the Packers.*

**Also, I made an appearance on What’s The Score? The Sports News Quiz Show episode #7.  It’s 51 minutes long but if you’d like to hear some good sports talk/trivia, take a listen and let me know what you think!**

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